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About Martha

Hi! I'm so glad you found me! I'm Martha Hull. I create cute + deadly art. I've been drawn to gallows humor as long back as I can remember. Maybe it's my late October birthday. Maybe it's some crossed wires inside my head. Maybe I was dropped as a baby. I doubt we'll ever know.

I draw and paint and write to get stuff out of my head. I try to make pretty pictures and to make myself laugh, and you too in the process.  

I live in Vermont, which is know for scenic beauty.* (*Brought to you by the Vermont Tourist Bureau.) I like cows (if you don't, this is a terrible place to live), but so far, I haven't had any burning need to add any more paintings of them to the world. I do like drawing cats, food with faces, and skeletons. And contemplating the apocalypse.











Instagram and Twitter: @DeadlyMartha