About Martha

Martha and her pink hairHi! I'm so glad you found me! I'm Martha Hull. I create cute + deadly art. I've been drawn to gallows humor as long back as I can remember. Maybe it's my late October birthday. Maybe it's some crossed wires inside my head. Maybe I was dropped as a baby. I doubt we'll ever know.

I draw and paint and write to get stuff out of my head. I try to make pretty pictures and to make myself laugh, and you too in the process.  

I live in Vermont and like so many of us here, don't especially love winter. I like cows but frankly I think there seem to be enough paintings of them already. I do suspect maple syrup runs through my veins. Maybe that's why I'm so popular with the mosquitoes.

I love petting zoos, rainbows, spiders, cheese, and contemplating the end of the world. Or at least I used to, when it was just for fun... On any given day, I will be wearing appropriate footwear should I encounter any of these. So I've got that going for me.









Instagram and Twitter: @DeadlyMartha