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About Martha

Martha and her pink hairHi! I'm Martha Hull. I create cute + deadly art. I've been drawn to people who whistle through the graveyard as long back as I can remember. Maybe it's my late October birthday. Maybe it's unusual wiring. Maybe I was dropped on my head as a baby. 

I draw and paint and write to get stuff out of my head. I try to make pretty pictures and to make myself and you laugh in the process. Sometimes though, it just gets dark or weird, and occasionally stuff in my sketchbook comes out all warm and fuzzy out of the blue and freaks everyone out, particularly me. But this is our dirty little secret. Don't be afraid. You won't find much of that here and if you do, please call me out on it.


I live in Vermont and like so many of us here, don't especially love winter. I like cows but frankly I think there seem to be enough paintings of them already. I do suspect maple syrup runs through my veins. Maybe that's why I'm so popular with the mosquitoes.

I love petting zoos, rainbows, spiders, cheese, and contemplating the end of the world. On any given day, I will be wearing appropriate footwear should I encounter any of these.
Instagram and Twitter: @DeadlyMartha