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Happy skeleton in sneakersMartha says: From Friday, April 29 until Monday, May 16, I'm on vacation on the East Coast, visiting family and friends in Vermont. My store (online and my shop at Portland Saturday Market) will be closed during this time. I'm sorry for any inconvenience. I value you and all the trouble we're going to get up to in the future. :)


Hi! I'm Martha Hull. I love things that are dark, weird, and funny. I make art and write picture books full of macabre dark humor. Cute + deadly. I draw. I paint. I string together words. I contemplate how to survive the end of the world with humor and ass-kickery. I like spiders AND bunnies. That's how I roll. I see warped humor all around me, and I try to sum up the human condition on paper and canvas. If I can make myself laugh all alone in my room, it's a good day. Welcome to my world.